Bilken Feed Factory

Bilken feed factory was established to meet the needs of the egg farm. Currently, the average feed production in the feed factory is 600 tons and 220,000 tons per year. In addition, the feed factory has a total raw material storage area of 10,000 tons.

The feed raw materials examined in Bilken Egg Laboratories are processed in a computer-controlled modern factory and produced as powder feed. It is used in the production of feed in the feed factory, in chick and chicken coops within Bilken. Feed is not sold; In this way, a closed integration of feed production is ensured, the connection between our farm and other farms in the vicinity is cut and the risk of disease is reduced to zero.

In Bilken Yumurta Feed factory, quality feed is produced that is fully sterilized. Traceability systems and technological solutions in the feed factory are implemented within the framework of BRC-TSE-(INSTITUTE OF TURKISH STANDARDS) CERTIFICATE.

Bilken Yumurta holds the "HALAL FOOD" certificate, and the feeds are prepared in the feed factory by paying attention to this fact.

Rations are shipped by Laboratory Technical Staff, our feeds are checked and shipped by Agricultural Engineers.